Friends and Food

Yesterday we had a Home Bible Study at my house. I host this once a month. Our pastor, Shinichi Nakao came with his guitar and we all sang some praise songs.

After the Bible study, we always have coffee, herb tea and cake. Yesterday I made Pina Colada Cake #2.

It’s kind of a joke in our family that the person who brought an amazing Pina Colada Cake to my Dad’s funeral refused to share her recipe with anyone. I guess that’s her prerogative. So I took it as a challenge and kept baking every recipe for this cake that I found. But everybody would say, “Nope, that’s not it!” (I myself had not been there.)

I finally found her recipe but it called for one white cake mix. I don’t have that in Japan. So now I make this version which has lots of coconut, but no pineapple, using a navel orange instead. You can see this recipe here and I will give you the original topping instructions if you prefer to try it rather than my Orange Glaze.

We all had a good time, enjoyed getting together and talking. Most of the women here are not Christians but enjoy the atmosphere as well as have a chance to talk about their problems if they like.

I always feel so blessed  that people gather at my house whether for a Cooking Class, a Bible study or a sushi party. All my kids are grandkids are in the U.S. and someday I will be all alone, so friends are really important. I enjoy having people come in and out all the time.

Maybe it’s only in Japan, but some people would be upset if a guest goes into the kitchen, opens your refrigerator or closet and prepares things without  asking. But I think it’s great. I am happy that everyone feels at home and it is a big help to me.

I am really grateful for all the support my friends have given me over the years in Japan.

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