Vegan Challenge

Since I was home all day yesterday, I decided to fool around in the kitchen. My daughter gave me a  subscription to Vegetarian Times one year. So I dug out a couple of these old magazines and chose two recipes to test.*

Based on what I had in the house, I decided on the Cabbage Pie and a Tofu Cheesecake for dessert. To make the pie, you sauteed the cabbage and onion. In a blender, puree the tofu, tahini (or use white sesame seeds)and the seasonings.

It said to grind the caraway seeds so I got out the mortar and pestle we so often use here. This is called a suribachi. 

The caraway seeds and dill weed add a lot to the pie, making it possible to use less salt.

I had trouble with the crust and it looked nothing like the photo in the magazine. Maybe I needed a little more moisture. In spite of that, the pie was very good.

We enjoyed the cheesecake too but I think I can invent a better recipe! This didn’t taste cheesy, but the almond flavoring was good. I don’t have cereal so I made thte crust from walnuts and sesame and a bit of rice germ.

When it was ready, I decided to invite a single neighbor over to enjoy it with me. Tomoe came over and we ate the repast and enjoyed a nice evening together.







* The next day Ii tried another Vegetarian recipe which I loved. Fettuccine with Red Peppers and Mushrooms! We really liked it and will definitely make it again!


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