Hosting a Farewell Party

This last weekend, in spite of the fact we both were suffering from colds, Hiroo and I had 14 for a sushi lunch at the farm.

I had studied in the computer class at the local community center this past year. Everyone else has a Japanese computer and the text was also in Japanese but the teacher and volunteer assistant teachers were very patient with me so I learned a lot.

I wanted to express my gratitude so I offered to host the party, originally planning each person would order a “obento” lunch box and I’d only have to serve tea and then dessert and coffee. However, some people had heard of Hiroo’s good sushi so we were asked to provide the lunch too. Of course, that meant Hiroo had to make sushi plates for 14.

The party was a big success, everyone loved the food, but best of all, we had a chance to really become acquainted. In class we were always too focused on the task to look up from our computers and didn’t get to know each other as individuals. SO we all exchanged text mail addresses and next week 5 of these women will come to my Cooking Class!

Everyone had a good time and I’m very grateful to our chef! We have been in Yasu-ura since 2000, but really spend time there from 3 years ago when Hiroo retired. I especially enjoy getting to know the people who are living around there. Many of them have farms too.

The gentleman on the right is my teacher, Mr. Moriyama.  Thank you for teaching me so many useful things!!


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  1. beckynielsen
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 12:41:38

    We LOVE sushi – but that’s one thing I’d never attempt to make myself, beyond a California roll kind of thing. Fortunately, there are a couple of good places to get it here, but how lucky to have Hiroo be so talented!
    What a lovely party – and will look forward to seeing what you teach in your cooking class! Here we have a lot of Mexican immigrants and when we talked about getting together to teach each other to cook different foods, the most common request was to learn how to make lasagna. The other thing they really enjoyed was our Christmas cookies. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to follow through after the initial sessions. But cooking is a great way to share time and cultures, especially when there are language barriers.


  2. kabablanket
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 13:26:22

    oh that sushi plate looks so good! That’s nice that all of you got to know each other better.
    I agree with Beckynielsen above that cooking is one of the best way to share each others’ cultures… I’ve been lucky recently as I had a chance to eat home cook meal made by an Indian coworker, and couple days later my Romanian friend made stuffed cabbage and Romanian beef salad.
    I must get better at cooking Japanese food myself so I have something to share!


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