Sourdough Bread with Nora Farm

Today, Kyoko Matsumoto, who runs the Farm Nora Cafe, came to make bread with me. Her grown children, Yu and Sosuke came along. We had fun making homemade Rye Sourdough Bread and bread starter.

For lunch we tried some vegan recipes courtesy of the Moosewood Cookbook. I liked the Chickpea Vinaigrette Salad as well as the Garlicky Black-eyed PeasnGreens which we ate over brown rice.

They brought me nice gifts. Venison, smoked pork and a delicious Nora Farm Chiffon Cake that is layered with green tea at the top and Sakura at the bottom. It is so moist and soft. The green tea flavor was wonderful! I just enjoyed a big slice and  am thinking over our nice day together.

They arrived on time at 9:30 from the Geihoku area of northern Hiroshima prefecture. It takes about an hour and a half from here. We found their restaurant and hand-built log house by chance last October when we were on the way home from Hagi in Yamaguchi.

Mr. Matsumoto built their home, the cafe and a small Wedding Hall up  in the Geihoku mountains. Kyoko makes smoked meat and salmon and her specialty, Chiffon Cake. You can enjoy  seeing the lovely mountain view and dining in a rustic atmosphere from April to November. In the winter months, the roads are sometimes impassable so they close the cafe but take orders for smoked duck and Christmas cake sets at year’s end.


We enjoyed a Taster Plate of various smoked meat and a Cassoulet of Potato with Pesto and Cheese. Of course we had to try the Chiffon cake with coffee. Everything was delicious! It was an unique and stimulating experience to see all they have created there. I definitely recommend this as a way to spend a day, driving out there and having lunch or afternoon light meal!

Good to see Yu and Kyoko again and to meet her son Sosuke.

Try this nice Chickpea Salad. I am into vegan and health foods now and will share some of the better recipes on this site. We can enjoy all the colors and natural flavors of the ingredients and feel satisfied that we are eating to sustain our health and the environment.

Farm Nora is located on route along 191 and you can locate it on your navigation system using the Telephone no.

Farm Nora :0826-37-0323  Fax: 0826-37-0858 (only in Japan)


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