Visiting a Master Potter

On Thursday, my friend Kanae took me to the kiln of master potter, Zaima-san, in Akitsu town. He has a noborigama kiln which extends up the mountain. His pottery is well-known and sold in Kyoto and many places in Japan.

Master Potter Zaima-san

They welcomed me and served me some green matcha tea in a bowl he made. I went upstairs to see all the amazing things he creates. Not only utensils for tea ceremony or the table but also art objects.

He and his wife were very friendly. We enjoyed talking about many things. I met his son Shimpei Zaima who is also a potter. The pitcher here was made by Shimpei.

I would have loved to take home a piece of this pottery but for now, it is beyond my budget. Just looking at his unique textures and patterns was so stimulating!

We took a walk out behind the house to see another member of the family, Ta-chan. She is a huge black pig. Here is Shimpei feeding her grass!

Nowadays, they use a gas and an electric kiln and only fire up the noborigama once in awhile. You can see all the objects that are awaiting a second firing.

The whole family are artists, it would seem. Mrs. Zaima weaves, dyes cloth and creates many things.  Meeting them all was a special experience. They are holding a concert and Flea Market Bazaar on 8/5 so I hope to join as a seller and get to know them all better!!

Thank you for the lovely day and for the tour of your kiln!


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