Bread and Jam

We are at the farm for the Golden week holiday, or the first half anyway. It is rare I get to stay here five nights in a row! Today it is raining so I have to work indoors ! Kanae san gave me some nice AmaNatsu Mikan which I need to use before they go bad on me.

Yesterday I made marmalade. It turned out pretty good! These tart mikan are like a cross between grapefruit and mikan. They are rather sour! But of all the other citrus fruits I have tried, these make the very best marmalade!

I needed some healthy bread to spread with my Best Marmalade so I made Wheat Germ Rolls ! They are a nice pair.

I’ve been on my feet all morning so this afternoon, I have earned the privilege to nap and read a book. I am reading a fascinating history of America’s relationship with the Middle East . That may sound dull but there are many colorful characters and the well-written narrative keeps me interested as if I were reading One Thousand and One Arabian Nights!

If, like me, you know little about the situation in the Middle East or how American policy there came about, I would recommend this highly-readable book.  Power, Faith and Fantasy : America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present  by Michael B. Oren.


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