Cafe Hopping: Warouda

Yesterday, Kanae took me to several places of interest in Higashi Hiroshima. The first cafe we visited is located inside the grounds of the Kamoki Sake Brewery, a 300 year old historic site.

Here you can view the pottery of Zaima san in a rustic setting of old clay walls and original posts and beams of what was once part of the brewery. Kamochi Sake is still made today. The crystal clear spring water is the secret of this popular sake, and they served us water in an retro sake bottle when we were seated.

We enjoyed the Chiffon Cake and Coffee set. It is served with a small pottery pitcher of sake which you can drizzle over the cake as you eat it. The cake is so moist with a lovely aroma of rum! You definitely should try it if you are ever in the Saijo area of HIroshima.

The chairs here were made by Kanae’s husband (Kido san). Looks as if he used sections of sake barrels. The atmosphere inside the shop is very calming. Some handmade items are also sold there.

This is a very interesting stop for visitors to Japan who want to see traditional buildings, pottery and sake brewing.



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