To Catch a Fish

On Friday, it was clear with a few clouds and since the sea was calm, I decided to go out on the boat with Hiroo. I haven’t been out for months. It was just too cold in the winter months!

As you may have read, Hiroo’s boat was damaged in the storm. We lost the anchor and had to cut some of the tangled ropes,so  it has taken awhile to get it ready to go again.We set out about 9:30. We anchored off the “Ishikiri-ba” shore. It is quite deep there! At first we had no luck, but then Hiroo caught several nice-sized mebaru.

I was getting frustrated because I hadn’t had so much as a nibble all morning. I was just about to reel in and give up when I felt a tug on my line!! I caught one mebaru and then two other (okoze). We headed back for lunch, but it was great to be out on the open sea and feel the sun on my back!

The Catch!

Hiroo grilled the fish for dinner! They were quite tasty..and very fresh!!


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