Back to the Old Grind

After  2 weeks away from home, it is hard to come back and start in with work again. My English classes started last week, but it was a shock to come out to the farm and see how high the weeds had grown! We are about to go into the rainy season so there are many preparations. Yesterday, I cleaned out all the gutters along the mountain trail so when the hard rains come, the drainage system will function. Hiroo had to use the weed whacker to cut down all the tall weeds!

Soil and leaves clog the gutters

June is rhubarb time. Also we have lots of nice lettuce, chingensai, spinach and green peas. So much that I am hard-pressed to use up these ingredients before they spoil. So I tried two new recipes. Cream of Pea Soup was very good!! Today I made Tuna and Green Pea Penne. We will have it for lunch. It looks really good!

Cream of Pea Soup

Crustless Quiche and Onion Bacon Bread

Yesterday I made a Crustless Quiche with Chingensai. It was very good. You can use spinach or other greens as well. And the bread is Onion-Bacon Bread. You put the chopped onion and bacon into the kneader and knead it all together. I used the same recipe as for the small loaves shown in my Recipes.

Hiroo was busy harvesting his first crop of wheat. This is bread flour wheat! So after drying, winnowing and grinding, we will be able to bake bread with our own organic wheat!!

Kido-san gave us a lot of cherry jam and strawberry jam so I cut up the rhubarb and froze it for later. It will make rhubarb sauce or a pie or cobbler!

So while we certainly enjoyed our vacation, it is good to be back and into our regular pace again. Hiroo is finally getting over his jet lag! But we miss you all and look forward to our next visit!!

Wild Strawberries


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