The City of Brotherly Love

We were really excited about going to Philadelphia! Hiroo had never been there and was interested in the historic aspects as well as seeing the city itself. Our main object was to meet Rob’s family! We also were anxious to see the 1920’s house the kids bought and are living in!

Dinner at Chloe’s

We had dinner at Chloe’s, where the food was very good and it was quiet enough for us all to talk and get acquainted. I had BBQ ribs! After that, Dennis took us for a night tour of the city and we ended up at Penn’s landing. It was a wonderful evening.

Penn’s Landing at Night

The next day, Hiroo was making sushi all morning. We were invited to meet the whole family at their spacious home outside of Philly. Eri and I made a Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce.

Alex and Hiroo making Sushi

We ate out doors and enjoyed Mac’n’Cheese, (really rich and cheesy!), baked sweet potatoes, ham and turkey. It was Mother’s Day and Shirley brought a lovely Mother’s Day Cake. I also ate Bean Pie for the first time!! Delicious!

We asked to see some of Debbie’s quilting and she showed us this amazing quilt in beautiful purple and lilac shades! I can’t imagine all the hours it took! Isn’t it just gorgeous?!!

We got to talking about black-eyed peas and heard that Aunt Annie’s are the best. She promised to make us up a batch after we got back form NYC. Everyone was participating in the 5K Walk for Breast Cancer so I figured Annie would be too busy to keep that promise during our short stay..but she sure did it! Soft beans with just the right amount of seasoning and lots of smoked turkey!! I was so into eating them that I forgot to take a picture! But I will share the recipe For Aunt Annie’s Bestever Black Eyed Peas if you ask me!

Annie and Willie

Smoked Turkey and Black-Eyed Peas (image photo)

I had been to Philly twice before but on my own sort of. What made our time there so special now were the people. Everyone was so welcoming to us! I really felt like one of the family!

I was impressed  that almost all the women in the family took part in the 5K! You can tell by the muscle tone these ladies are in good shape. I don’t think I could make it!

Also, walking on the street, strangers greeted me , saying , “Happy Mothers’ Day” I’d never heard that before… just like saying Merry Christmas! It made me very happy.

Hiroo visited Independence Park and the Shipping Museum at Penn’s landing while Eri and and I had a girls’ day out. She took me to the Corner Bookstore and then to the Firehouse for lunch. In the afternoon, we visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art where they have a good collection of impressionist paintings!

A Magical Place: The Corner Bookstore-Fairmont

Hiroo at Independence Park

I lost track of the days, but one evening Debbie came by after work with gifts for all of us and we sat down to Hiroo’s homemade udon noodles and tempura. We had a little wine and just enjoyed being together! I think I enjoyed that time the most of all.

Let’s do it all again!!

Both of us are ready to go back! Even Hiroo who said it was his last trip abroad has started to say, “The next time we go..” As for me, I’m making my list of things to do next time. Hang out with Debbie, get her to take me to the Last Word Bookshop, go to Happy Hour with Elaine, talk for hours at a cafe with Eri and play more Scrabble with my son-in-law.

Time with Family is the best of all!

I actually won a game!!


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  1. Becky nielsen
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 11:01:15

    what a great trip you had! I loved seeing the pictures -and, yes, that quilt was magnificent! the meals together sounded so wonderful – an I imagine that one of the treasures for your extended family was the opportunity to learn how to make the sushi. I have seen pictures in cook books, but do better watching someone with things like that. I guess you tube might be somewhat helpful, but not as much fun!


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