Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

Have the hot days started where you are? Here in Japan it’s raining every day, but often hot and humid. How about cooling things down with Kate’s Lemonade on a summery-looking coaster?

I made this set of coasters today since it is raining so hard and we are shut up in the house! It is a leaf motif with green running stitch for accent.

Leaf Coasters


I think it would be better to use a less busy pattern on the fabric so the veins in the leaf will show up. This is what i had so this is what I used,  but a pastel or lime green with white polka dots or small pattern would be nice.

Just draw a plump leaf shape about 12 cm. long and 10.5-11   cm across. Cut out two each and also 1 iron-on sizing leaf. Cut a 1.5 inch-long ribbon. Apply sizing with iron to the back side of one leaf. With right sides together, stitch all around the edges with the small piece of ribbon sandwiched in the top inside. ( Loop should be inside).  But BE SURE to leave a 1.5 inch opening so you can turn the leaf inside- out. Clip little incisions around the curved seams.

Turn inside- out. Iron and then top stitch all around leaf. Finally use 4-ply embroidery thread and a running stitch to make veins in the leaf.

My Mom used to make the best lemonade! Here’s how: Slice 5 or 6 lemons into your biggest pan. Cover with 1 to 2 cups sugar, then use the potato masher to smash and squeeze every drop of juice out of the lemons! Add several several quarts of water to taste but do not dilute it too much! Before serving, add plenty of ice and let the whole thing get very cold. She never measured so you just have to taste it and adjust the amounts!

Kate’s Icy Lemonade

Aunt Stella’s tip for squeezing a hard lemon: stick it in the microwave for just 10 seconds to soften it! Enjoy a long tall one and cool off this summer!


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  1. todaysillustrationtomorrow
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 14:52:22

    Cute coasters! It looks a little like cute fat daikon too. lol.
    oh, and that Lemonade looks so refreshing! That’s grandma’s recipe? I need to make that!! Last summer I made “basil lemonade” which was so good! There are many recipes for it online, but you basically make simple syrup with basil in it and boil it so that it gets infused with basil flavor. I know you have some basil growing in Yasuura!


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