A Week on the Go : Pickles and Ice Cream

It was a busy and interesting week for me. I finally got around to making pickles with the home-grown cucumbers. Japanese cucumbers are just lovely. You can eat them skin and all because they aren’t bitter. The little round slices are just the right size for salads…. and  these cukes are also the perfect size for making Dill Pickles!

Japanese cucumbers

On Sunday I made four jars of my favorite dills. I love them on sandwiches and as part of an appetizer plate!

Garlicky Dill Pickles

It was quite hot this week so I stayed indoors mostly, but on Wednesday I drove to Saeki-cho to get Mayumi. She was looking forward to baking cakes and making ice cream.

Mayumi loves Ice Cream

Mayumi really wanted Strawberry Ice Cream but I had to explain that they aren’t in season now. They aren’t sold in the supermarkets at all. So she settled for Blueberry as I fortunately had some frozen organic blueberries. As you see here, she was really into it.. at least until the heat got to her. So we took a nap together too!

We enjoyed the day together and she took cakes to all the staff at the hospital.

I left for the farm at 5:30 the next morning. I was anxious to attend a Japanese language class at the local community center. It was my first time, but there are five other women who are married to Japanese. Four  women from the Philippines and one from Brazil. I want to get to know them. I was pretty tired and slept off a headache the rest of the day.

Enjoying the day with Susuana and Keiko

Today, Susana, a Philipine woman married to a Japanese farmer, visited me along with Keiko, one of the volunteer teachers. We had fun talking in English. Hiroo had gone fishing but got caught in heavy rain. He caught 11 aji (sardines) which he made into sashimi for us. He also served us somen noodles, so that was great for me! I really appreciated the nice lunch he made for us! Before we knew it, it was late afternoon! I hope they enjoyed their visit to the farm. I certainly enjoyed getting acquainted with each of them.

The greatest thing about this farm has been that it affords us an opportunity to meet and become friends with so many different and interesting people. It seems to draw people, which I think is a very lucky thing!


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