Quinoa: Like for the Very First Time

This might be old hat to you all, but  living in Japan, I don’t get to try these “foreign” (read “non-Japanese”) foods very often. I’d seen recipes in the Vegetarian Times and was always curious to try quinoa. I didn’t know how to pronounce it then (KEEN-wa).

When I visited the States in May, I got a bag of it and yesterday I finally tried to make Tabouli Salad. I was lucky to have all the ingredients in the garden: mint, basil, parsley, tomatoes. We had garlic, one lemon and olive oil so I decided to try it.

Tabouli Salad with Quinoa

My very Japanese spouse even liked it though it was a taste we aren’t used to. It was a nice side dish to our pork saute. I look forward to trying something else with quinoa so if you have a recipe, pass it on!!

Molokhiyya Smoothie

I have never made smoothies before but recnetly am into it. This is the one I made today. It has banana, kiwi, orange juice and molokheyyah ( molokhia).  The latter is an Egyptian or West African leafy vegetable, often chopped up with coriander and garlic to season meat dishes. It is somewhat viscous when you chop it. The flavor is mild and not bitter so it goes well in a smoothie.

I recently found out that the Lo-Carb diet I was on caused the calcium level in my blood to rise and resulted in forming kidney stones. This probably only happens if you have a tendency or history of this condition, but I was alarmed to discover that high intake of animal protein diet is a contributing factor.

I always take multiple vitamins, but now have to find some without minerals. Since vitamin D-3 is also not good for me, I guess I need to use more natural sources to ensure I get enough vitamins every day. Smoothies are the ideal way!

I will pull out my old Laurel’s Kitchen cookbook and look at the nutritional information in the last part of the book! I need to be well-informed in order to plan a daily menu that will give me everything I need!

By the way, has any company ever tried selling “made-to-order” vitamins that are pertinent to the needs of an individual? If they could keep it reasonably-priced, it’d be a good idea!


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  1. Grace @ Cultural Life
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 19:35:35

    Mmm, the Tabouli salad looks delicious! I make a similar version of that, using couscous + sundried tomatoes, red pepper, red onion, cucumber, garlic, lemon and olive oil. Very tasty. 🙂


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