Death Row Art

Last week we visited Tomo no Tsu Museum  鞆の津ミュージアムfor the first time to see an exhibition of art created by prisoners on death row. Some were crude but many showed great talent. Many portrayed the boredom and futility of years spent in one cell staring at one small window way above.


The museum itself was very well-designed in a remodeled Edo era building with floors of carved wood. The exhibition started here, conceived by this gallery rather than coming down from Tokyo as most exhibitions do. Prisoners art is a form of outsider art  or l’art brut  アール・ブリュット that is made by ordinary people, such as street art or impromptu murals on city buildings.


Each drawing or painting was identified with the name of the artist, date of conviction and ,in some cases, the date of he or she was executed.

While waiting for the museum to open, we found the manju shop Naruto -do in front of Numakuma Shrine 沼名前神社.  After we saw the exhibition, we rested at the cafe next to the museum. I can recommend this a cafe also for rich good coffee and helpful staff. This is also in a remodeled Edo-era building, spacious and relaxing inside.

Handsome Young Server at a cafe

Handsome Young Server at a cafe

DSCF6644You still have time to see this highly interesting show at Tomo no Tsu Museum in Tomo no ura, Hiroshima-ken! It runs through July 21st.


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