Threshing Wheat

This year Hiroo decided to thresh the wheat he grew by hand, using this old farm implement he borrowed from Kido-san! This is called senba koki (千刃こき)in Japanese which literally means “thousand blade winnower.”

Winnowing fork

Winnowing fork (Senba-koki)

This is organically-grown bread flour wheat. As you know, bread flour contains more gluten which gives a soft elastic texture to our bread. It’s the second year in growing this wheat and, unfortunately, this years crop was about half of what he grew last year.

Hiroo Wheat

Hiroo with his organic wheat!

When I bake bread, I generally use about a 1:4 ratio of whole wheat flour to white flour. This yields a loaf that is soft and light. Sometimes I bake with yeast, but we usually eat sourdough bread made with bread starter. This bread takes a long time to bake …about 9 hours from first kneading to the finished product. But it is certainly worth it when you smell..then taste this fresh from the oven whole wheat bread!

Sourdough Wholw Wheat Bread

Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread

Do you like to bake as much as I do? I encourage you to use natural grains and whole grains. Recently, we love rye bread with caraway seeds!

I am interested in old kitchen implements and farm tools in Japan. Sometimes I run across ones that I have no idea what it was used for as it is no longer in use! We can see such items in a rural folk museum nowadays! I hope to use them whenever possible.

Grinding stone

Grinding stone

My next job is to grind the wheat. For this we have a grinding stone fitted with a wooden handle to turn the upper stone. Place the grains of wheat between the two stones and turn the wheel. I’ll let you know how this works after I try it!

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  1. beckynielsen
    Jul 26, 2013 @ 18:41:23

    what a beautiful picture of Hiroo with his wheat! And a gorgeous loaf of bread that I can almost smell from here!


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