Encounters in America

I visited my daughter and my brother  in Florida this September and want to tell you about some of the fascinating people I met in airports, airplanes and on the ground!

My daughter Kirsten

My daughter Kirsten

My brother and his wife took me to some garage sales one morning. Going to  garage sales was an interesting  experience for me as I haven’t been living in America for some time now and it all seemed new and fresh to me. When I watched my brother loading this hobby horse into his van, I felt like I’d stepped into my favorite show, American Pickers!

Radio Flyer horse at hte garage sale

Radio Flyer horse at the garage sale

The next stop, I spied a 10-year-old girl selling lemonade for 50 cents a pop! As I stepped up to talk to her, I saw she was working on something, kneading and shaping some kind of clay. She was selling her handmade art and accessories under her name, Emily’s Claytastics! I bought a koala bear. I asked what the most difficult part was and she told me the bride’s bouquet was hard as it had wires in the stems! I watched her fashion the hair on a doll, strand by strand. She was personable and interesting to talk to!

1st Photos 071

Bride with long Veil: Clay figure by Emily

Bride with long Veil: Clay figure by Emily

I’m so glad I stopped to talk to her!!

FLandPHilly 054

I had a noon flight out of Tampa and I always make it a point to be early so I had quite a wait at the gate. I struck up a conversation with a gray-haired woman in a wheelchair. She asked me to watch her things while she went to the restroom. I noticed her strong European accent and asked where she was going. It seems she is from the isle of Rhodes in Greece.

Rosapina is 64 and has lived in America for 28 years, raising her three children. She lives in Tarpon Springs where there is a big Greek community. Tarpon Springs was known for sponge diving industry carried on by Greek settlers, though most of the sponges have died these days according to Rosapina.

She was on her way to visit brothers and sisters and her extended family on Rhodes. I really enjoyed talking with her and I even got a detailed recipe for making baklava! I hope I can try it if I ever get ahold of some phyllo pastry!

I attended my first ever library book sale and here I am with Rosalyn and Bill. She teaches reading and he is a retired engineer. I appreciate their donating time to help at the book sale.

LastPhilly 087

On the airplane on the way back, I was relieved to be sitting next to two women from Japan who were close in age to me.( a little younger, actually!) I had been waiting in Washington D.C.Dulles  airport for 5 hours and the gate was packed with a convention group from China, everyone speaking at once in a strange language. I was kind of tired when I boarded the plane.

When we got seated and introduced ourselves, I asked where my seatmate had been in the U.S.

“We were attending a meeting for Christian women in Orlando,” she replied. “Have you ever heard of Women Aglow?”

Her name was Nobuko and she and her friend, Sachiko, told me about the meeting where women from 104 countries( if I heard correctly!) had attended and worn native costumes to sing and praise God! Nobuko and Sachiko wore Japanese yukata!

Nobuko's stage name is "Car-Navi!!"

Nobuko’s stage name is “Car-Navi!!”

When I asked what her hobby was, I found out that Nobuko is an accomplished ventriloquist! She uses her ability for evangelism! She and Sachiko attended a church in Saga near Imari in Kyushu. We talked about my cooking classes and having a Ladies Luncheon at her church. I would love to have her do an event at our  church too!

Nobuko pulled a little rag doll that looked like a “teru teru bozu” out of her purse and made it speak to me!! Cool!

We held hands and thanked God before eating our airplane food! The 14-hour flight seemed quite short after all!

After arriving at Narita, Sachiko and Nobuko helped me get my luggage and fill out custom forms so I really felt that God was taking care of me that day!! What a comfort to know that God is in control and with me every moment. He is the One who orchaestras each encounter!

from left: Sachiko,me and Nobuko

from left: Sachiko,me and Nobuko

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  1. Grace @ Cultural Life
    Nov 23, 2013 @ 12:35:20

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time! 🙂 I hope you get to try baklava. It is truly delicious!


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