Philadelphia Revisited

This is my fourth trip to Philly and each time I have new experiences and see more of the city. I was excited when Eri met me at the airport! “Can’t believe I’m really here!”

FLandPHilly 055

Since I have seen the historic sites before, I mostly spent time with family, went to book sales and ate good food. The time went all too fast and I didn’t get far on my to do list!

FLandPHilly 067

Here is a shot of the Mexican place we ate in on my first night in town. Eri and I met up with Rob and headed out for food. It is one of those places where you can bring in your own beer and wine. Rob’s Chicken Tostados looked the best! Good choice!

FLandPHilly 070

The very next day, we went to a small (?) library sale. They had lots of books I wanted but I had to rein myself in as I felt I couldn’t carry them back to Japan! The books were so reasonable, it was hard to leave them behind! I really enjoyed just looking and handling all these books!

Philly2 011

Eri and I got fish at the Korean market so we cooked in that night… a real Japanese meal!

One of my pleasures of visiting Philly is playing Scrabble with  Rob! Of course, I always lose, but it is a lot of fun!! This is one of the things I miss most in Japan…playing all those kind of family games!!

FLandPHilly 082

On Monday, Debbie came over and we cooked a rather strange Japanese- Korean meal! It was fun catching up and so good to see her again. Next time we will meet in Japan! She is planning to visit in the spring!

Philly2 086

On Sunday, we attended church and met Mary Beth! I was looking forward to meeting her! We went home and hung out until Rob got back. He is training for a 26 mile marathon in November, so he runs almost every day!

With MaryBeth in front of her church

With MaryBeth in front of her church

Rob and Eri took me out to dinner and Happy Hour several times! It was fun as I never have such an experience here! Eri teased me as I ate charcoal-grilled burgers about four times and many good sandwiches! Lots of carbs!

LastPhilly 024

One thing that interested me…there is one older woman in the neighborhood who always sweeps up litter, sets out some flowers and puts out a litter bag for people to keep the streets clean. Each day, she wrote a different scripture verse on the paper sack. Maybe you think that’s a strange place to put a Bible verse, but lots of people see it. I admire people who follow through on things and continue over a period of time. I am like the Japanese saying, ” Give up after three days” ( Mikka bouzu)!

One morning, Eri and I made “healthy bread”, kneading it by hand. It turned out a little heavy but had good flavor. The best thing is the fun we had doing something creative together!

LastPhilly 003

Aunt Annie made her special Black-eyed Peas just for me so we drove out to see their lovely new home! Willy has done most of the work on it himself!!

LastPhilly 040

With Willie and Annie

In the end, we were able to make it to the Princeton, N.j. library book sale as Eri found a way for me to mail a box of books back to Japan!! Here we are enjoying Princeton and lots of good finds! I had a Avocado BLT at this sandwich shop and it was soooo good!

Avocado BLT

Avocado BLT

LastPhilly 092

Princeton Library Book Sale

I was sad to say goodbye to Debbie and sorry I didn’t get to see Marge and Greg. Next time, I’ll plan a longer stay! Philly is a great city and there is lots to see. I did visit the Mutter Museum of Medicine (Medical oddities!) and found it fascinating if somewhat macabre.

Philly is known for it’s microbreweries and good food. I don’t drink beer, but it is a mecca for those of you who do!  There is lots to see in Philadelphia. I will visit the Rodin Museum next time as well as the Barnes Museum! Thanks to everyone for welcoming me and making it a pleasant stay!

LastPhilly 166

LastPhilly 156

On my final night, Eri and Rob cooked me a special meal. She made A main-dish salad , I think it was called Panzanella. It was delicious and looks so colorful too! Rob made pasta with fresh zucchini and mushrooms! It was wonderful!

Thank you all for a great time!!

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