Fude Road Gourmet

Rice Omelet at the Cafe Lievre

Rice Omelet at the Cafe Lievre

Every week I drive along the “Fude Road”(foo-day) that runs through Kumano , Kurose to Yasuura. Kumano is famous for the Kumano fude the manufacture of finely-crafted Japanese brushes. All types of soft brushes for art and calligraphy are made here! I nicknamed this road “Fude Road” or the road of brushes! I often passed this little cozy cafe but never stopped in. The other day, I wanted to find a quiet place to have lunch with a friend and decided to try the Cafe Lievre . (It means “jackrabbit” in French!)

Welcome to Cafe Lievre!

Welcome to Cafe Lievre!

Our charming server. Mau, told us today’s special was the Rice Omelet!  Midori ordered that and I had the Risotto lunch. It was very good! The cafe is quiet and a good place to enjoy lunch  ( or breakfast) with a friend! The cafe opens at 8:30 and has a wide selection of breakfast items!

お待ちしています! (We await your visit!)

(We await your visit!)

This cafe has been here for three years, explained owner, Itoh-san. they are closed on Thursday and every third Sunday! (8:30 to 17:00) The address is 東広島市黒瀬町春日野 1丁目132-8 (0823-82-0408)

Sooo Chocolaty!!

Sooo Chocolaty!!

The shop sells some handmade items which are fun to browse through. Next time I will go back to taste the dessert menu, probably the Gateau du Chocolat! They also have hot Zenzai, a yummy Japanese dessert!

It's right on Route 34!

It’s right on Route 34!

Check out the Cafe Lievre website and map! They are very friendly people and it’s a nice atmosphere!


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