I Am Blessed

Just a brief note to say how wonderful all the people are around me..and a special thank you to the carpenters and artisans who worked on a tight schedule to finish the remodeling job before i go into the hospital tomorrow!

Living in Japan these 4o some years, being a single mother, teaching English to support my family..I have felt the love and support of the community around me and of my intimate circle of friends.

Master carpenter, Kubo-san

Master carpenter, Kubo-san


Kawauchi san! Great job !

Kawauchi san! Great job !





Thank you to Kubo -san and his son Ippei who did the carpentry, to Kawauchi-san for the walls and ceilings and ot Matsumoto sanand Masashi who supervised it all and built these great bookshelves.

Cedar bookshelves make the whole house smell wonderful!

Cedar bookshelves make the whole house smell wonderful!
























With only two days left to clean up the mess, Junko, Yumiko and Kayoko showed up to put things away and clean my house! I can’t express how much this meant to me! I am so grateful and I feel so blessed to have great friends like you!

Junko-sensei, Arigatou!!

Junko-sensei, Arigatou!!

Reform 013

Margaret (Kayoko-san!) even washed my windows! Not many friends would do that!!


Yumiko, my greatest support over the years!

Yumiko, my greatest support over the years!

After that, we all made Plum Jam together! And then had an impromptu lunch!

Reform 014


Reform 017


Here are a few pictures of the house now!\

Reform 020

Reform 018



Thank you all so very much. Now I can go for surgery with my mind at ease! God is so good to me …and you all are so good to me too!! I loveyou guys!!



Reform 024

Reform 021

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  1. Keiko Shiratani
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 10:22:16



  2. leahmama1
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 21:25:53



  3. Keiko Shiratani
    Jul 05, 2014 @ 06:24:18

    せっかくリア先生に教えていただいたことを わすれてしまいそうでこわいです。。。


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