Getting Out of the Funk

My dictionary defines funk as ” a dejected mood” or depression. Maybe what I have is more like a case of the blahs! Too much food and no exercise over the holidays didn’t help. With all the cold weather, I tended to stay indoors and didn’t do much besides cook or watch TV.

This week Hiroo is at the farm so I finally got out my sewing machine and made an ironing board cover! What should I make now?! I still have all day today and half of tomorrow alone!

New cover!

New cover!

Two weeks ago I made a new friend! We have lived two blocks down from one another for 10 years but never met.  She is teaching me ot knit a stocking cap. She is cheerful, cute and clever! It’s so nice to have a friend in the neighborhood!

New friend !just down the block!!

New friend !just down the block!!

This is the cap I’m knitting! It’s easy and fun! Never mind that I never wear caps! The yarn is a lovely multi-color wool with mohair!

Nice yarn with mohair!

Nice yarn with mohair!

Yesterday I went to see a movie called Son of God with some friends at the brand new Salon Cinema downtown. I enjoyed the movie more than I expected. The theater was very nice. There is a snack bar in the lobby that even sells wine and mixed nuts! Caricatures of famous stars in well-known roles are painted around the ceiling.

JanuaryEnd 012


JanuaryEnd 009Here’s a view inside. The last row has Japanese-style “za-isu” seats!

Girlfriends enjoy a movie together!

Girlfriends enjoy a movie together!

I met this cute young woman and enjoyed talking with her. She even shared her snack with me!!

Cute young woman who shared her snack with me!!

Cute young woman who shared her snack with me!!

After all the best part of getting out and doing things is that You meet a lot of people! 

The best way to get over the blahs is to be out with people, don’t  you agree?

Every year I set a a goal for how many books I’ll read. Last year I reached my goal of 75 books. But I didn’t seriously read the Bible. So this year I will set no goal for reading, but instead I want to spend time slowly reading and absorbing the Bible.


Just like all our devices that need to be plugged in and recharged,we also need to connect to our source of power every day. Recently I have met several women who have serious problems: one with brain cancer, another with a son in deteriorating health and a lady in the middle of divorce. What can I do for them? I feel so helpless. Of course, listening may be the most important thing.

Still any words of comfort or encouragement seem so empty and ineffectual. That makes me aware that I need to plug in to the word of God, my power source, so I can let God touch them through me.  I really feel so inadequate, but I know and affirm that “All things are possible with God.”

Last of all, I’d like to share a favorite passage from Psalms 37

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give  you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way unto the Lord;  trust in him and he will bring it to pass.

It’s noon now so I still have time too go and do something constructive! OK! I’m going to get going!! Have a great day!



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