Marron Jam

Marron Glace

Marron Glace

My friend Kido san has given us the most delicious chestnut paste or marron glace for the last three years. I always wanted to make it as we have three chestnut trees here at Yasuura Farm. This year my grandson Try visited us and he loved the “kuri cream” on his toast. He and Grandpa went up the mountain yesterday shook the trees and picked up chestnuts. So I decided to try it. Mine didn’t turn out nearly as nice as Kanae Kido’s but everyone in the family said it was really good!

Here’s the recipe, more or less:

800 g cooked chestnuts, scooped out of hte shells

400 g sugar or light brown sugar. (I used white)

400g water.

2 Tbsp rum (if desired)

Boil about 1.2 kilograms of chestnuts in the shells for 30-45 minutes.. Cut in half and scoop out the inside. Weigh the crumbled chestnuts (without shells). Measure sugar to one half the weight of the chestnut flakes. Measure water also half as much as hte weight of chestnuts. Cook iver low heat for  about 35 minutes until very thick and bubbling. Add rum if desired and cook and stir another 5 minutes. Pour into hot sterilized jars. place on lids and seal . Set in a pan of hot water ot cover and heat to just under a boil for aobut 15 minutes. Remove and set on the counter, covered with a thick towel until cooled and sealed. ( I didn’t put mine in a water bath this time but heard later that I was supposed ot so that it would keep longer.

This is used as a spread on toast like jam. A really special treat!!




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