4 large amanatsu mikan ( or oranges)

sugar (70% of the weight of peel + juice of the amanatsu mikan)

Wash and peel the fruit. Squeeze and reserve the juice. Slice the peel paper-thin and put into a large bowl of water to soak. Let stand an hour. Rub together and squeeze the peel. Put into fresh water. Repeat 3 times in all. This takes away the bitterness to some extent.

Weigh the peel (well-squeezed) and the juice together. Use 70% of this for your sugar amount. You can use less if desired but bear in mind that the sugar help to solidify the jam as well as to preserve it.

Add 2 cups of water (400cc) to the peel and juice and cook in a enamel pan with a lid on low to medium heat for 30 minutes. Remove lid. Add sugar. Cook and stir, skimming hte bubbly foam from the top. Meanwhile boil the jars and lids ina big pot.


Pour hot jam into the hot jar and immediately lift a lid out of the hot water and place on the jar. Shut it well and turn the jar upside- down. This will make a vacuum seal and help preserve the jam. The lid should be slightly inverted in shape. To be safe, keep in the frig, especially after opening!



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