Potato and Mushroom Curry


1 pkg mushroom (100g), whole or in pieces

4 shiitake mushroom

1 pkg maitake musroom

1 pkg shimeji mushrooms, sliced

4 small potatoes

2 T grated garlic

2 T grated ginger root

1/4 cup oil

850 cc water (3~ 3  1/4 cups)

1/2 can of whole tomatoes

1 teas salt

sesame oil

Spices:  1 teas cumin / 1 dry togarashi chili / 1 teas cumin seed/1 bay leaf/    2 whole cloves/

Pwd spices:  1 teas EACH of coriander pwd, gharam marsala , turmeric ,

1/2 teas  red chili pwd, 1/2 teas black pepper

Saute cumin seeds in the oil until they pop. Add chili, broken in pieces ( seeds removed). Stir half of all the pwd spices.  Add grated garlic, ginger and onion and saute until it is caramel-colored. Add potatoes and all mushrooms. Saute well. Add water, bay leaves and cook until potatoes are soft. Add the other half of the spices, salt. Cook an additional 5 minutes. Add a few drops of sesame oil to finish.



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