Iwakuni Sandwich Shop

Today I visited a unique and very American-style sandwich shop near Iwakuni Marine Base in Yamaguchi Prefecture. My friends, Takako and Junko accompanied me there. It took about 30 minutes as we took the Expressway as far as Otake.

2017-06-14 12.34.00.jpg

The shop called Sako, has been around for awhile but the present owners took over 6 years ago. The interior is bright and cheerful. We ordered Avocado BLT and several other sandwiches from the wide menu.

Takako ordered a Coke and I thought the bottle was very retro as we don’t see these bottles in Japan nowadays!

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The owner, Missy and her husband prepare the sandwiches. Missy is fluent in English and very good with people! Missy also has quite a collection of Japanese antiques and pottery including “maneki neko”! The prices on them were quite reasonable!

2017-06-14 13.06.44

Avocado BLT at Sako, Iwakuni


2017-06-14 12.48.09

Missy in her red apron

The sandwiches were delicious and we  really enjoyed chatting with Missy and volunteer staff, Yukiko-san!

Missy and her husband decided to take on this new business after retiring even though they had no previous experience in the restaurant business! It’s hard to believe as they have created a great atmosphere and prepare wonderful sandwiches. There was a steady stream of customers!

2017-06-14 14.50.22

Masaru-san, friendly cook!

Go early as the hours Tuesday to Friday are 11:00-2:00. On Saturdays they are open until 7:30! (Closed Sunday and Monday)


Very reasonable!!

2017-06-14 12.47.50

Takako and Junko enjoy lunch!





Location: 2-chome 8-5 Kuruma-cho, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi(山口県岩国市車町2-丁目8-5)

2017-06-11 12.16.08

Owner,Missy Hamano and me!


Family Business: Mom and Daughter Cafe

Pizza Lunch

Pizza Lunch

If you are willing to drive 30 minutes for lunch, I think you definitely ought to try this cafe! It is called Ohashi to Komugi (chopsticks and wheat) and located in Kabe, tucked among a cluster of houses off the main road. It would be hard to find if you don’t have a navigation system. It is worth looking for though! We arrived early and there was one other group having lunch.

Antique chest of drawers, kaidan dansu

Antique chest of drawers, kaidan dansu

This cafe is decorated with obi, kaidan tansu, byoubu and other Japanese antiques, accented with arrangements of branches and flowers. The owner, Takako, greeted us with a beautiful smile that exuded warmth. She is the person you’d want to choose to be your mother! ( Of course, she is younger than I!)

Takako at Ohashi to Komugi Cafe

Takako at Ohashi to Komugi Cafe

For just 800 yen you can enjoy a beautifully- prepared lunch of six items. The menu changes every week. Natsuko chose the tomato and ham pizza (also 800 yen). My lunch was Hakusai Cabbage Rolls garnished with yuzu, nanohana hitashi, a mini buckwheat crepe with vegetables and cheese, fresh salad anchovy dressing, tofu shira-ae, white miso soup with a grilled mochi and homegrown rice.  Most of the vegetables are grown in the adjoining  field .

Lunch Set, only 800 yen!!

Lunch Set, only 800 yen!!

Takako’s daughter, Yuko, bakes bread from sourdough starter. We bought several kinds and I really loved the ones with cranberries and cream cheese inside! It seems Yuko is in charge of baking bread, pizza and cake while Takako  prepares the lunch menu.

Bread baked with sourdough starter!

Bread baked with sourdough starter!

Chief baker, Yuko

Chief baker, Yuko

This cafe just opened last March (2013) but while we were there, all the 5 tables were filled with customers. Still it had a quiet atmosphere with the aroma of freshly baked bread! I definitely want to go back. Who wants to go with me?

Ohashi to Komugi Cafe, Kabe

Ohashi to Komugi Cafe, Kabe

You can contact them at 082-812-0850 . Closed on Thursdays and holidays. The address in Japanese is:


Natsuko dropped me off at Yasuura farm around 5:30 PM and Hiroo had our dinner all prepared! Oden and grilled fish with rice and homemade pickles! What can you say about a husband like that!

Dinner's ready! ( At Yasuura Farm)

Dinner’s ready! ( At Yasuura Farm)