Kuri Kinton

NewYear2015 008

1 jar of sweetened chestnuts in syrup ( about 10)

400g naruto kintoki sweet potatoes

13 Tbsp sugar

5 Tbsp syrup from sweetened chestnuts

2 Tbsp mirin(sweet sake0 if available

3-4 drops yellow food coloring or  dried”kuchi nashi”

2 Tbsp mizuame or corn syrup (optional)

Peel and slice potatoes. Cover in water and cook till almost soft. Pour  off water. Add more water and food coloring. Cook till soft.Drain.

Mash with 7 spoons of sugar. Press thru a fine sieve (uragoshi), and return to the pan. Add remaining sugar, mirin, syrup and cook over medium low while stirring. When slightly tthick add chestnuts. Heat through. Drop onto a cookie shee so each chestnut is covered wiht kinton. Cool.


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